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We Don't Just Fix Credit, But We Change Lives!

Let Us Help You Get Your Credit To Where It Needs To Be.



Speak with a Credit Specialist

Once you call in you will speak with a credit specialist who will tell you about our program, answer any questions that you have, and determine if our services is what’s best for you.


Enroll Online or by Phone

Next is the enrollment process which can be done online or over the phone whichever you’re most comfortable with which you will gain access to our client portal to track updates each month, set up your card details for draft or one time payment, and complete onboarding which is no more than 10 minutes.


Let the Restoration Process Begin

Now that you have spoke with a specialist, and enrolled it’s time to start the restoration process! You will be assigned one credit repair specialist that will work on your credit profile each month by sending letters to the 3 major credit bureaus, and creditors on each account that you would like challenged because of errors. While we are working on the deletions each month you will work on building your credit history and maintain positive credit habits so that this process is an easy one. Results cannot be guaranteed, and the timeframe on how long it will take is undetermined once we review your credit report we can provide an estimate only of how long it may take.


Your Road To A Better Life Begins

Our goal is to get each client to a fair credit score of 660+
Each month together we will collectively work towards that goal Roman Financial Solutions will do 80%, and the client will have to do 20% or it simply won’t work. While in the program you will gain a better understanding of credit so that once you’re done you can continue those same positive habits that we teach to continue with a credit increase!

Any Questions?

Our ream of credit repair experts are just a click away!

Call Us:

+1 (888) 646-8976

Our Pricing Options

Single Plan


$129 Initial Enrollment Fee

24/7 Client Portal Access

Month to Month Credit Updates

Support via Phone/E-mail

Credit Education via Email

Unlimited Disputes

Most People See Results as Litte as 90 Days

Results or Your Money Back

Couple Plan


$189 Initial Enrollment Fee

24/7 Client Portal Access

Month to Month Credit Updates

Support via Phone/E-mail

Credit Education via Email

Unlimited Disputes

Most People See Results as Litte as 90 Days

Results or Your Money Back

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Learn more about us by using our more interactive platforms. Our social media platforms are a great way to remain up to date on the latest information and developments.

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Manny Roman

CEO at Roman Financial Solutions

Great Experience

Manny has been doing an amazing job helping build my credit.I’ve seen my score go up and little by little in a positive way..The best part of the whole thing Manny always keeps me informed n updated when something changes..As long as you do your part Manny and his company will go to bat for you..Give him and his company a call for your future.

Any Questions?

We're here to help you!

Google Reviews

Nashaly D


I feel very grateful and satisfied with the work of Roman and his team. Thanks to them I have been able to do something that I never thought I could do and that is to be able to increase my credit. From the first time we communicated, he treated us very well. their professionalism and commitment as well as their effective solutions met and exceeded my expectations. I recommend them 100%.

Adiariz G


Satisfied is not enough how I feel with Roman's service, they exceeded my expectations with their services and we are just getting started. Always willing to answer questions and help no matter what, everything explained in detail so you understand the process. In short, they will handle my credit until the end.

Jose I


I feel very satisfied, very happy and super grateful for the service they gave me and how they helped me. Now I feel that with my credit fix I can realize dreams that I did not think would be possible. A big thank you to Manny AND his team for the excellent service and education they provided me.  Do not hesitate to contact Román Financial Solutions 20 of 10 if you need help with your credit and change your life!

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